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Hardwood Stock
Cypress Stock


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Flooring, molding, interior and exterior paneling.  All southern domestic hardwoods are available including, but not limited to, red and white oak, pecan, cherry, basswood, willow, sassafras, and gum.  Pecky and solid cypress, mahogany, walnut, and many reclaimed products are also custom manufactured. 


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Custom Shop

Our skilled craftmen along with a state of the art manufacturing facility produce live edge slab tables up to 80 inches wide and 16+ feet long, beams up to 25 inches wide and 50 feet long, stair treads and mantle pieces.  Please call us to discuss your project. 



Any dimesnion, any length, any specie.  Our timbers are used in railroads, board road, and shipping pallets.


From logs to lumber our trained employees inspect and grade each board to ensure a quality product for our end user.  Lumber is shipped green or kiln dried depending on individual needs. 

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